Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tcpmon Configuration & Run Test

Tcpmon Configuration & Run Test
This is very good tool to trace web service. It works independently and also plug-in is available for eclipse.
1. Download Tcpmon (free version)
2. Install Tcpmon
3. Set environment AXIS2_HOME classpath for axis2
4. Run tcpmon

5. Provide ListenPort# : 8089
6. Set target hostname: localhost (some issue is for remote system)
7. Set Target Port# : 8080
8. Click on Sender tab

9. Provide Connection Endpoint:
http://: //services/
Note: Endpoint port should be same as Target port.
10. Click on Admin tab
11. Click on Add button. One tab will be created depends on your listener port number.
12. Now run your client.
a) Client request URL port should be Tcpmon Listner port as http://localhost:8089/AutoActivation/services/PoeticToFNOTranslationService
b) Set Axis2 class path to run your client from consol or run your client using java
-Djava.ext.dirs=..\axis2\lib command.
c) Go to your client location in using cd command
>cd E:\Dev\CLP_4_0_0\4.0.0\AAServer\Samples\JAVA\AAClientTest\build\classes
Note: for compile command
javac -sourcepath ..\src MyWebServiceClient .java -d bin/ -extdirs axis2\lib
d) Run client
> java -Djava.ext.dirs=C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.29\axis2-1.5.1\lib

13. Now the result of web service

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