Friday, October 15, 2010

Life lives for

Life lives for

Life is not you, not me or not any other,
It’s a bud that will bloom with tomorrow’s sun,
It’s an energy fusion to play grow-up and destroy.
Life is a baby smiling in mother’s lap, innocents and pretty
That molds by you and grown up for you and others.

Life is a collection of cells, bonding of energies moles
And their combine chemical reactions,
Always breaking molecules for energy; keep on doing repetition.
Life is cyclic procedure to transfer myself for new existence
That is rolling for coming and upcoming genetic recreation.

Life is for take run to ahead so far,
Walk not for only few more goals or achievements,
Do extra-ordinary movement on the globe to live forever.
Life is full of joy, fun, touch, feeling and emotions,
There is nothing to worries to live your life.
Life is lot of works for you and others,
Play your roles and responsibilities for lifetime.
Life is struggling for life and existence
Keep on struggle in your life time, stop means dead.

Life is nothing but takes breath and alive,
Stretch your wings of dreams and fly in the kingdom.
Life is love, to see yourself with another eyes,
Promise to live for others, keeping touch and feel by heart.
Life is smock and sine of imagine alcoholic flame,
It seen you some blue light dreams that never comes true.

Life is a mystery for few more times to alive
Very less people can understand what it exactly,
If you understand live forever neither mortal.
Finally life is nothing but a non-fiction book on science for the lay reader.

Then also, life is life, have to live for life.

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