Friday, July 2, 2010

interview questions

1. difference bewteen array and arrayList?
2. what is process in OS?
3. difference between 32 bit and 64 bit process system?
4. write method for link list?
5. class and object & identify two object and class in this room (with explanation)?
6. what is multi processing and multi-processer?
7. draw block diagram of 8080 processor.
8. what is normalization ? different types of normalization explain with their difference?
9. how much memory space is required for the class which has no property or method instatiation ?

1. what is abstruct class and interface?
2. when we will srite abstruct and interface?
3. cacheing mechanisume of hibernate?
4. is it possible call the destroy method from your servlet class?
5. what is multi threading?
6. how you synchronised threads?
7. which scope is default scope in servlet and struts?
8. What is aop? how you write AOP?
9. what is serialization and deserialization? you pass object to another jvm?
11.which is best process to make thread safe the object?
12.which factory is not used in hibernate and why? you maintain session if your browser is not support session?
14.difference between send redirect and forwared? you define from bean in struts?
16.what is the advantage of hibernate than jdbc?
17.difference between beanFactory and application context in spring?
18.advantage of application context & how you configure application context in your application?
19.what is the advantage of hql language in hibernate?
20.what is internationlization? and its' advantage.
21.what is hashcode? you write hash code in your class and why you write hashcode method in your class?
23.difference between HashSet and LinkedHashset?
24.when you use linkedHashSet? you handle exception in JSP? you debug JSP? (do you use any tool)
27.callback function in hibernate. you know n+1 proble in hibernate?

1. what is normalization?
2. write a sql query for the result of value of two column.
It fetch value of first column if there any value is exist
nighter get the value from second column.
id | col A | col B
1 | 0 | 10
2 | - | 15
3 | 20 | -
4 | 5 | 0
5 | 0 | 0
3. What is index and partition?
4. what is singleton? how you make an object as a singleton? (write class)
5. how you ensure your object as threadsef?
6. what are the advantages of threadsafe?
7. is it possible to make threadsafe for bank application when multi access is required?
8. gives 5 tips to get response faster for web application.
9. which interface is not useful for hibernate and why? form bean instantiate in struts?

Prokarma Jun-02,2010
1. what is form bean in struts and how it instanciated?
2. difference between spring core and context?
3. features of bean factory and context?
4. what is test shut?
5. what is assert?
6. how get result from junit test case?
7. how to configure junit test case?
8. how to write test shoot?
9. difference between static (property & method) instance (property & method)? many ways to configure hibernate?
11.what is the spring class name and bean configure to configure hibernate?
12.inheritance features of bean factory?
13.what is validator?
14.difference between array and array list?
15.write method numaric value and add all digit for result?
16.when write static method?
17.difference between web appliction and enterprise application?
18.difference between load() and get() in hibernate?
19.difference between executeUpdate() and executeQuery() in jdbc?
20.what is validator? many ways are there to integrate hibernate with spring?

MindTree Jun-05,2010
(Technical) [Mr. Amit & Mr. Gopi]
1. what is polymorphisum?
2. how you implement polimorfisum?
3. difference between abstruct class and interface?
4. in which senario you use abstruct class and interface?
5. describe MVC architecture how it workes in struts?
6. what is the context module in spring?
7. difference between context and beanfactory?
8. what is the DAO module in spring and its advantage?
9. how spring MVC sorked and how you integrate it in your application?
10.advantage of hibernate? you mapped different relationship in hbm file?
12.when you use static and dynamic include in JSP?
13.what is synchronization? how you inplement it in your application?
14.what is inheritance?
15.what is memory leak?
16.what is caching and its advantage?
17.when you use caching and inheritance?
18.write SQL query for the repeted employee count and ther full name
Fname | Lname | .....
Arun | Paria |
Amit | Singh |
Arun | Paria |
Sagar | Koti |
Amit | Singh |
O/p will be as 2 Arun Paria
2 Amit Singh
1 Sagar Koti you handle exception?
20.difference between list and set? set eleminates duplication values?
22.what is mutable and imutable?
23.what is AOP? when you use it inyour application? in technical term what it is called?

(HR) [Mr. Amit]
1. Tell me yourself?
2. tell me about your family?
3. tell me about your eduction and employment summary brifly?
4. what you have achivments upto now?
5. after 5 years where you want to see yourself?
6. to whome you admire most and why?
7. what type of work you wnat do with us? (technical or administratlr)
8. how you aproch the estimated time is not sufficient for the development after starting the task?
9. manager already tells to his manager you can do this work but you don't have any knowledge on it.
what you will you do?
10.At the middle of your task you realise that flow is going wrong, what you do at that time?
11.Why you looking for change?
12.are your location constrain?
13.why you choose MindTree?
14.tell me about CTC, expectationa and notice period?

ariunpro Jun-05,2010
(technical) [Mr. Arun]
1. difference between set and map?
2. how many null values can store in map?
3. what are new in java 5?
4. what is OOPS?
5. what is polymorphisum? how you implement it in your application?
6. difference between jdbc and hibernate?
7. is it possible to mapp multiple object in the hibernate?
8. difference between list and set? how set eleminates duplicate values?
9. what design pattern you know?
10.write singleton design pattern code?

persistent system Jun-06,2010
(Technical -- 1) [Mr. Ajoy Agarwal]
1. what is serialization?
2. what is collection?
3. difference between map and set?
4. Auto boxing?
5. How you use your own class as the key in map?
6. when you use abstruct class and interface?
7. how jasper is used for view in spring?
8. how you redirect page in jasper view?
9. how you synchroized your object? struts insttanciate bean object?
11.difference between static import and dynamic import in JSP? when your use these? and where import will be added in servlet class?
13.difference between Servlet and JSP?
14.write DB connection code using JDBC?
15.difference between executeUpdate() and executeQuery() in JDBC?
16.what is LEZY loading?
17.what is polymorfisum? how you implement polymorfizum? you use method signature in override and overloading ?(with exception)

(technical - 2) [Mr. Susovan]
1. write program for read the text file?
2. sort the collection? how collection is sorted?
3. when you use static and instance variable?
4. difference between Class.forName() and new operator?
5. if i provide any statement in derived class constuctor is that statement is executa
in case of Class.forName()?
6. class A{
public void m(){}
A a=(A) Class.forName(A);
a.m(); -->what will happen?
7. text file contains
Name date value
Arun 2010-05-11 100
Srinu 2010-01-01 200
write a program to read the file and sort it by date in assending order

(hr) [Mr. ]
1. tell me your self?
2. where you wnat to see after 5 years?
3. tell me about your extra curiculam activities?
4. why you choose parsistent technologies?
5. tell me about your family?
6. are you ready to relocate? do you have any preference location?
7. In which field you want to develop yourself with us? and why?
8. your CTC, Expectation and notice period?
9. do you have any question to me?

Virtusa Jun-12,2010
(Technical - 1)
1. draw the login process diagram using UML?
2. what types of access spacefire is available for the class?
3. difference between default and protected?
4. is it possible to declare private class? when you declare private class?
5. how threads are communicate eatch other?
6. how you make your object thread safe?
7. difference between synchronized method and synchronized block?
8. what is method signatere?
9. how you overload your method? you maintain exception in method signature in overloading?
11.when overloading will be called for vendered class? you override method with exception handling? it posible to differ the return type of the override method?
14.when vendor override method will be called?
15.which method overoading will be called at compile time? you threadsafe static property when multiple threads are acting on the object at same time?
17.can i declare thread.wait() method in my object? if yes how it is possible?
19.difference between array and arraylist? you convert arraylist to array and array to arraylist?
21.difference between arraylist and linkedlist?
22.when you frequently added object in the list, which list you use in your application and why?
23.difference betwwen HashSet and HashMap? many null value allow HashMap? how many null value allow Hashmap for key?
25.difference between HashMap and TreeMap? spring works for application?
27.what is autowared? how it works? you defice inheritance in spring bean decalration? you integrate Hibernate with spring? (describe DAO module and nomal configuration) you define composit primary key in hibernate mapping? hibernate get the connection?
32.advantage of DAO module in spring? you handle exception in spring? you display the exception in the same page in spring?
35.difference between throws and throw keyword? you validate your data in spring application? you write any code to parse xml file in your application?
38.what type of parser is used for parsing xml file?
39.when you use SAX parser and DOM parser to parse the xml file?
40.what is the advantage of xml file? when you store your data in xml file?
41.what is ajax? how it works? how you use ajax in your application?
42.tell me the life cycle of servlet?
43.write the execute() method syntax in struts? struts works means describe struts workflow? you get the form data object in struts?
46.which disign pattern are you know?
47.what is singleton design pattern? write the single pattern code? you make thread saffe single tone when two threads are entered in the object same time to create the object first time?
49.what is static include and dynamic include in JSP?
50.which JSP include is more effective and why? many directives are available in JSP? you use bean object in JSP page? you handle exception in JSP page? you define JSP error page?
55.what is lezy loding? how you define lezy loading? you use any caching mechanisum? where and how it works? hibernate maintain chaching? how you return connection in hibernate?
58.what is inner join?
59.what is outer join? (describe ablout left,right and full ourt join)
60.what type of code you are checking in your code review apart from the reviewd by tool? you maintain code review error in your application? you maintain session in your application? you write any code to maintain session in your project? you maintain session if browser is not support session? you disable session in browser (mozila)?

(technical -2)
1. at first tell me about yourself in breaf?
2. describe how you implement MVC architecture in your project?
3. how you validate data in your spring application?
4. what is IOC? how it works in spring?
5. how spring inherit bean declaration?
6. how you inherit bean in other bean with out declare parent bean as abstruct?
7. do you know EH-bean configaration to inherit the bean?
8. which struts virsion you worked on?
9. if you miss one file to do the code review and get the exception from this file what you will do? you check your code compilation error?
11.Do you know PL/SQL? you delever build to your client? ajax works? how you use ajax in your application? many phases you maintain to deliver the build to the client? you know class loding mechanisum?
16.describe class loading mechanisum in JVM? you have anythig to know to me?

ADP Jun-16,2010
(Techincal -telephonic)
1. difference between hashCode() and equal()?
2. when you wirte hashCode() in your object?
3. how hashCode is used in arraylist?
4. how String object is associates all object?
5. what is mutable object? how you make your object mutable?
6. what is serialisation? (with example)
7. what is taged interface? give example?
8. when you use arraylist, vector and hashset?
9. why hash word used for hashSet collection? array list is sort? hashMap will you sort? many types are there to create string object? anonimus string object created?
14.what is mutable? how you write your class as mutable?
15.what is factory pattern?
16.When you use factory pattern? you configure spring in your project?
18.difference between servlet and JSP? you remove java code from JSP? hibernate maintain cache? you configure second level cache?
Cache Configuration
To activate second-level caching, you need to define the
hibernate.cache.provider_class property in the hibernate.cfg.xml file as follows:



... it possible to write multiple .cfg file for hibernate configuration? many transaction is available in hibernate? you write user define transaction?

VSoft Jun-17,2010
1. When you use wait() and notify() in thread?
2. what is the difference between final, finally and finalize?
3. how garbage collertor called and how it works?
4. what is sychronization?
5. difference between synchronize method and synchronize block? and when you used these two?
6. what is hashcode? when you override hashcode() in your class?
7. what is serialization?
8. how you pass the nonserialise value in stream?
9. how many ways are there to create the string object? many design pattern you know in core java?
11.what is singleton? how you write singleton class?
12.difference between beanFactory and context in spring?
13.advantage of the context? you define bean to instantiate at the start of container and some bean later in spring?
15.what is IOC? you map chield in hibernate mapping? you configure hibernate with spring? (describe both)
18.why you use hibernate insted of JDBC?
19.difference between arraylist and linklist?
20.difference between hashSet and hashMap?
21.why you synchronised your object insted of synchronised the thread?
22.difference between struts and spring?

Wipro Jun-17,2010
(Technical - 1) [Mr.Naveen Patiwalla]
1. how string object creates?
2. what is serialization?
3. how you pass non serializable object in the stream?
4. employee calss has property address class which is not implements serializable interface,
but employee class implements serializable interface. If you pass employee object in stream
what happen? Is address object available in stream? Is any exception will be thrown?
If throw any exception when exception will be thrown?
(also explain how pass non serializable property in stream)
5. why serializable interface is the tag interface?
6. what is the purpose the serializable interface?
7. how you set your own status in your object? (explain extesilizable interface)
8. what is collection?
9. diference between arraylist and linkedList?
10.when you use Set and Map in your application? equals() workes? is equals() internally use hashcode() and why? you save your object from different thread access? you start the thread? how you stop the tread? is possible to restart the thread?
15.what is geniric? how you define geniric list and specific list object?
16.what is IOC? what is the advantages of IOC? spring maintain IOC? you define lazy bean in spring? form object is instanciate in spring? many types of controller is available in spting?
21.why you use form controller? when you use other controllers? spring validate data and display message?
23.what is AOP? how AOP works?
24.when you use AOP? you define form bean object in struts?
26.why you use Action class and Action servlet in struts?
27.what is singleton? how singleton maintain in spring?
28.what is polimorphisum? what types of polymophisum are there in java?
29.difference between static and instance polymorphisum?
30.when you use abstruct class and interface?
31.what is the advantage of interface? cycle of servlet? servlet executs the form data?

(Technical -2) [Mr. Srinivas]
1. what is container?
2. do you kow web service?
3. how you delete data from dtabase using hibernate? (explain both)
4. how you access java property valu in javascript in JSP?
5. how you set javascript value in java property in JSP?
6. what is cacheing mechanisum? how it used in hibernate?
7. how you write singleton class in your application?
8. what type of code you are checking in your code review?
9. difference between HashSet and HashMap? which is more efficient?
10.what is web service? you have any cirtification? what about your certification plan?
12.what type of code you check in code review?

(Manager)[Mr. Sunil] Jun-21,2010
1. Tell about your experience and education?
2. Why would you like to change?
3. What about process knowledge you have?
4. where are you want to see yourself?
5. what is next goal?
6. what type of work would you like to do (development/maintenance/administration/mangement etc)?
7. what you expect from wipro?
8. which type of post would you like to work with wipro?
9. are you location constrain or time constrain? you have any question to me?

InSynch Jul-07,2010
(Teliphonic) [Mr. Rajesh (Director)]
1. Tell me introduction about you?
2. what type of process would you like to follow in your project?
3. tell me about your current project and your role in that project?
4. how you analyse change request come from your client?
5. how you delever build to client?
6. what is your goal after 4-5 years?
7. why you looking for change?
8. do you have any question to me?

(Technical -1) [Mr. Hari] Jul-12,2010
1. tell me about your experiance?
2. what type of challenges you faced in your project?
3. what is synchronisation? how you synchronize your ofject?
4. difference between synchronize block and synchronize method? which is more effeted and why?
5. what you pass in synchronize block?
6. how you write status in your object? why you write status in your object?
7. how struts works after sending request by browser?
8. how struts supports MVC architecture?
9. in which server you worked on?
10.what is reflextion?
11.what is hibernate? how hibernate workes? hibernate introduct with database without chaching? you delete object from hibernate session? strong you in SQL?
15.what is inner join and outer join? how to write outer join in mySequel?
16.tell me about what type of problem you solve and satisfies most yourself?
17.difference between HashTable and HashMap? you synchronised HashMap? you eleminate duplicate value from the collection?

(Technical -2) [Mr. Srinivas] Jul-12,2010
1. how you synchronized thread?
2. what you pass in synchronised block?
3. how you stop the thread process? (both sleep() and wait() for synch)
4. how many times synchronised thread will be wait?
5. how you maintain session in your application? how much time you allow for the session ideal?
6. how you lock the database object using hibernate?
7. pass by value and pass by reference which is used in java?
8. if i pass a string in the method and perform some operation with string what will be the result?
String s="abc";
public void m2(String s){
what is the output of s ? (explain the reason)

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