Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's me

It's me
Simple as Layman,
Dynamic as Football,
Confident on decision,
Concentration inse-Allah,
Attitude always Positive, confuse
Cool as liquid water,
Can run as old car,
Smart is not suit me,
Physically as Potato, ha ha aaaaa………
Looks..., you decide at first appearance.

Play with system,
Job as a Techie…….
Presently in Hyderabad,
Time is most priority which never come back,
Aim to improve myself,
Ambition - become a Human,
Looking for next space,
Achievement - I as I.

Rules for breaking
Breathe with full lungs
Hurry as hurry,
Friend for forever,
Thinking, above on me,
Dream to go back by time machine.

Strength is my Patience,
Weakness is my love,
Hobby is Cartoon,
Pastime, random thinking,
Embarrassing moment, when feel guilty,
Experiences - all are memorable.

Believe in truth,
Eat whatever eatable,
Very close to Family,
Respect all, with their opinion.

Love is feeling and inspire to do different,
Doing everything by heart,
Can't think for Partner, Never say No!

Life is a journey with full of hope, joy and experiences
Live for every moment,
Take everything as easy as you and me.....
Nothing is impossible,
So trying to dreams come true.
Lets' enjoy Life ..................


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